This is still my favourite gif ever.

I fucking died.

I cant! Lol

Oh so funny haha

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Life Sized Darth Vader Car from Hot Wheels


HQ Update: Shark Week 374

We went on a boat during a thunderstorm and met a gentleman shark. Ben and Jerry brought us ice cream, ianfrancis took this nice picture of it. HQ expanded to fit more trees and sofas. Intern Island is trying to keep up.



Eerie, beautiful, captivating images of sea urchins mating and being born (that little triangle guy is a baby sea urchin).

These are a glimpse of how life begins in the deep ocean — and there’s a lot of life down there. The oceans provide about 190 times as much living space as every other space on Earth — soil, air and fresh water — put together. A vast array of amazing creatures live in the depths of this watery world. Squid, jellyfish, and plankton are just a few of our favorites (all shown as tiny babies in that last gif).

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I’m strongly urchin you to fall in love with echinoderms. Such superb sea symmetry.

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